Support Rural Farmers' Livelihoods through Applied Ecological Design

Semillas Nativas / Native Seeds is a project of Peace Tree International which focuses on providing food security, nutrition, and environmental sustainability. We support rural farmers to increase the productivity of their land, while focusing on long term sustainability of soil and water resources. We aim to cultivate synergies between Traditional Ecological Knowledge,  ecological design, and conservation.
Working with rural communities of Guatemala, where farming of steep terrain and water contamination from erosion and an excess of nutrients are daily struggles, we work to empower farmers to protect their natural resources, while increasing their agricultural productivity. PTI  supports knowledge sharing workshops in erosion control, agroforestry, soil productivity, and water protection measures, and supports the building of necessary infrastructure for long term change.

Money raised will go towards:
•    supporting seed banks and seed exchanges for remote farmers
•    purchasing supplies and starting tool sharing cooperatives
•    developing workshops & knowledge-sharing opportunities
•    implementation of sustainable water infrastructure & soil conservation measures
•    building closed loop systems of nutrient recycling i.e. composting toilets

Your generous donation before February 15th will help provide a better quality of life for rural farmers and help conserve our shared, global, natural resources. By helping each other, we all succeed!

Peace Tree International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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